Maintenance Contract and Asset Management Services

TAM offers powerful tools for discovering and tracking IT assets. Our tools also offer tracking of support contracts, warranties and licenses deployed across your many enterprise locations. Gain total visibility into your IT hardware and software, view all your contracts in one place, reclaim unused software, respond faster to software audits, manage licenses, track lifecycle processes, and identify and track user and location information.

Maintenance Contract and Asset Management Services

Contract Management Portal

TAM offers a powerful web based contract management portal allowing both hardware and software warranty and maintenance contract coverage tracking. Imagine saving time and money that is otherwise spent in the time-consuming and labor-intensive spreadsheet process of managing a multitude of start and end dates of hundreds or even thousands of individual assets.


Whether you purchase your maintenance through us or not, we can track it all, giving you an accurate picture of what you have, what is covered, when it expires, and where it is located. No matter the brand/MFG, whether purchased through TAM or not…………we track IT and manage IT for you!

Automated Notification

TAM provides automated notification 90 to 120 days in advance of service contract expiration. This allows us to help you proactively manage your budgets more effectively and prevent dangerous coverage lapses for your critical environment. TAM is the platform for your management of IT Asset warranty and maintenance.

Maintenance Contract and Asset Management Services

Web Based Portal Capabilities

TAM specializes in contract management utilizing our innovative database system. This comprehensive platform is a password protected internet portal that gives you instant access to contract and equipment information, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. TAM creates a database of all equipment hardware and software and associated service contracts. Once you log in, you are connected to important information for all sites worldwide. Equipment can quickly be viewed by location, contract number, coverage level, or serial number. All contract information can be driven offline through a print and export to CVS function. This is a powerful web based tool to track your hardware equipment and software licenses deployed across your many enterprise locations.

Contract Administration

With TAM’s online contract administration tools, IT and Procurement staff can go online 24×7 to view equipment by device type, serial number, contract number and location. From their account, authorized users can easily view multi-vendor hardware with the associated contract maintenance costs, allowing simplified budget planning.

In addition, automated renewal notices are sent out by the TAM portal 90 to 120 days in advance, notifying you that your service contract(s) will be expiring. At this point, we work closely with you to provide the best solution that fits your ongoing needs. This gives you ample time to do budget planning and evaluate your renewal options.

Asset Tracking

End-to-end Service Management solution encompassing five key areas:

  • IT Asset Management – Hardware and Software discovery, workflow automation, user and location tracking
  • Enterprise Mobility Management – Enterprise security that helps IT administrators provide mobile employees access to content and applications as required while controlling access to corporate information remotely.
  • IT Systems Management – Remote management, software distribution, audit compliance, reclamation, re-distribution, license management
  • Security Management – End point security, ID vulnerabilities, automated patch process, management of trusted applications, data monitoring
  • Service Management – Service Desk tool for incident management, change management, configuration management, password management

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