Alternative Solutions for Procuring IT Products

As a vendor neutral independent reseller, TAM provides alternative sourcing solutions for networking, storage, and server hardware products. Through our strategic partner alliances, we can offer new or previous generation hardware fully configured and ready to deploy when and where you need it, with:

  • Quality Control processes built on 20+ years of root-cause analysis
  • Fully tested and configured equipment deployable out-of-the-box and at a verified 0.5% failure rate, well below OEM standards on new equipment
  • Thorough testing of all Cisco products in state-of-the-art, CCIE-developed facilities
  • The highest standards in equipment testing, customer care, and order fulfillment
  • Elite level of quality control
  • Third-party verified processes to be among the best in the world



  • Cisco
  • IBM
  • Brocade/Foundry
  • Dell
  • Emulux
  • QLogic
  • Extreme
  • Juniper
  • A10
  • Silver Peak

Servers & Storage:

  • Cisco Servers
  • Dell Servers
  • Dell Storage
  • EMC Storage
  • HP Servers
  • HP Storage
  • IBM Storage
  • NetApp Storage


We believe that you should structure your IT environment the way YOU see fit for your unique organization. TAM offers options and alternatives that make the most sense for you – regardless of what your existing vendors or the OEM may tell you. Through our partner alliances, we offer strategically located operation centers across the globe with hundreds of forward stocking locations. We can deliver new or previous generation hardware fully configured and ready to deploy when and where you need it. From the architecture and design of your data center, to vendor agnostic consultation on how to best manage and support your IT assets, our customer focused team is here to provide solutions to you, the decision maker.


TAM can help you reduce both your capital and operating expenses by 20% or more, making resources available for the things that really matter to your business; innovation and growth. We provide products and services to give you the flexibility needed to stay ahead of the game.

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Mission Statement

We are an IT services business that relentlessly pursues options for our clients, resulting in cost savings and choices outside the traditional industry norms and OEM forced mandates. We create a path for you to acquire and strategically utilize assets as long as desired, without waste or compromise, through standards of excellence.


Total Asset Managers provided very competitive pricing, are very responsive and have awesome customer support. This allowed us to meet our tight project schedule. It was a great experience working with them and I highly recommend them.  
David L, Engineer