Trust TAM for support of all your current, end-of-life (EoL), and end-of-service-life (EoSL) Equipment. We specialize in server, storage, and networking maintenance programs to cover numerous OEM products including Cisco, NetApp, Sun/Oracle, HP, Dell, and more. 

Independent IT Maintenance Solutions

The Brightest Engineering Minds Are At Your Fingertips

We feature a vast service network of engineers to provide a one-stop shop from the best and brightest engineering minds in the industry. Our technical team’s unmatched experience in data center maintenance is manifested in both the field and on our 24x7x365 staffed help desk. The Team provides customers with the added advantage of consistent account management and a vested commitment to excellence. The right tech, the right part, on time, every time. Get an expert from our domestic-based help desk on the first call.

Reliable, Tested and Certified Parts

All of our replacement parts are verified through our rigorous, internal certification process, guaranteeing every piece of equipment we provide. Unlike the OEMs and other support companies that often deliberately do not stock higher cost spare parts locally, TAM’s support commitment guarantees 100% transparency and local availability of spare parts for every component under contract.

Independent IT Maintenance Solutions

Flexible SLA’s

TAM offers 5 levels of maintenance ranging from 24x7x365 4-hour response to Next Business Day parts replacement. And, with our On-site Spares option and contract co-term choices, you can eliminate downtime on mission critical equipment by allowing our services team to help manage expiration dates while simplifying your life.

Service Call Placement and Hardware Dispatch

TAM eliminates the need for users to contact multiple sources, using different phone numbers and web sites for service calls. With TAM’s portal, you have one place to go to open a ticket, whether the equipment is located in New York or Hawaii, no matter the brand we are supporting.

Anytime, Anywhere

Offering 4-hour on-site response times to 99% of the continental United States & Canada, we can maintain and service your equipment anytime, anywhere. International coverage is also available. Please contact us for more detailed information.

Whether your challenge is OEM pressures to upgrade, equipment going EoL from the OEM, managing multiple contracts with various expiration dates, assessment of astronomical recertification fees, or too many different maintenance providers, TAM is here to help.
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Mission Statement

We are an IT services business that relentlessly pursues options for our clients, resulting in cost savings and choices outside the traditional industry norms and OEM forced mandates. We create a path for you to acquire and strategically utilize assets as long as desired, without waste or compromise, through standards of excellence.


Total Asset Managers provided very competitive pricing, are very responsive and have awesome customer support. This allowed us to meet our tight project schedule. It was a great experience working with them and I highly recommend them.  
David L, Engineer