Single Sign-On Web Portal

  • View all contracts in one place, on one screen
  • Assign your own fields, reports and views to track the data most vital to your business

Fully Customizable

  • Align your corporate policy and brand standards with a personalized look and feel
  • Completely interactive data, fully scrubbed and integrated regardless of its source or format

Tiered Access and Security

  • Offsite, fault-tolerant, location-confidential storage of your information
  • Assign access levels for different users

Contract Management

  • Asset and contract management solution offering end-user customers mutual insight into deployed assets, warranty and service coverage
  • Manage costs by adding or removing assets to be covered under service contracts
  • Speed up reconciliation with timely add/deletes for vendor credits or other occurrences
  • Analyze and discover critical gaps in coverage – as well as warranty, maintenance and enterprise service contracts sold but not listed on distributor records

Automated Notices

  • Receive advanced e-mail notifications and reminders of contract expiration 120, 90, 60, 30, and day of expiration, allowing for more reliable budgeting and forecasting
  • Mitigate risk of down time due to lapse in coverage with a proactive approach

Robust Search and Report Tools

  • Confirm serial numbers and assets of a specific contract in a single search spanning all contracts in system
  • Customizable search functionality allows our system to meet your unique needs
  • Extract reports based on custom set of criteria i.e. location, end user name, contract term, warranty end dates, etc.